Osteoarthritis Studies

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Clinical Trials
Are you or a loved one tired of living with knee and hip pain and stiffness? If so, you may be eligible for Arthritis research studies in your area.

Those who qualify may receive*:
• Payment (or ) Compensation up to $650
• No-cost study-related care from (local) doctors ( in the CITY area)
• No-cost study medication for Arthritis

P.S. Health insurance and referrals aren’t required.

*In a clinical research study, the participants get an investigational medication under the supervision of a study doctor and other research professionals for the duration of the study. In some studies, some people receive the investigational medication while others receive an inactive medication. Additionally, compensation may be provided to cover time and travel, which may include multiple study visits, and the amounts vary, depending on the study for which you may qualify.

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