Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial

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Clinical Trials
Are you or a loved one living with type 2 diabetes? New options may be available.

Looking for more options for your type 2 diabetes?
An exciting clinical trial is testing whether a study drug can help individuals who are using both
metformin and Victozaƒ stabilize their blood sugar without daily injections.
You may qualify if you:
- Are aged 18 to 80 years
- Have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes
- Are taking both metformin and Victozaƒ
- Have a BMI (body mass index) between 25 and 45
- Have not had weight loss surgery
To learn more about the trial and to see if you may qualify, click below. If you are not able to
take part, but know someone who may, consider forwarding this email to them. TAKE THIS SURVEY NOW

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