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Contact Info

Parent Company: IPSOS

Physical Address: Time and Life Building 1271 Avenue of the Americas 15th Floor New York, NY 10020

Email Address: questions@i-say.com

Web URL: http://www.i-say.com

Telephone: (212) 265-3200


Registration Process - 5

The simple registration process takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Members Area - 5

The well designed Members Area makes it easy for users to find new surveys to complete and to track rewards points.

Rewards - 5

Panelists can redeem points for a variety of different rewards including cash, gift cards, and charitable contributions. i-Say also incents panelists to remain active through contests and giveaways.

Refer a Friend - 3

Referring panelists are entered into a sweepstakes drawing for $5000 each time a referred friend registered. Unfortunately, registering referrals do not automatically result in points awards.

Overall Rating - 4.5

Company History

Ipsos, a mainstay in the market research industry, was founded in France in 1975. The company currently ranks third worldwide in research, specializing in the following six areas of market research: advertising; marketing; media, content and technology; loyalty, quality and customer relationship management; opinion polls and social research; and survey management, data collection and delivery. Ipsos has 20 offices throughout North America in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Ramon, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Washington D.C., Parsippany, New York, Norwalk, Toronto, Guelph, Ottawa, and Montreal. The company is publicly traded and recently completed an acquisition of Synovate, increasing Ipsos’ international presence to offices in over 84 countries.

Registration Process

i-Say, IPSOS’ online survey community, requires prospective panelists to complete a standard, double opt-in registration process. Registrants are asked to provide high-level personal information including: Name, Physical Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Work Status, Level of Education, Use of Internet, Race/Ethnicity, Hispanic Descent, Number of people in household, and Annual Household Income. Individuals with more than one person in their household are given the option to complete similar profile information for all household members. The entire process takes approximately 5 minutes.

Members Area

The well designed Members’ Area is easy to navigate and includes six informational tabs where panelists can perform a variety of functions such as, view available surveys and survey history, browse and select rewards, and create a poll that other panelists can respond to. The Members’ Area also includes an Iposos employee authored blog that discusses a range of topics. The well written and informative FAQs section contains answers to questions regarding membership, log-in and password, surveys, earning points, loyalty points, point redemption, contests and winners, poll predictors, the refer-a-friend program, profile updates, privacy, and facts and misconceptions.


Ipsos members can earn rewards points by completing surveys, remaining an active member and entering into sweepstakes drawing and giveaway promotions. Rewards points can be redeemed for any of the following items: Gift Cards, Cash, or Charitable Contributions. In addition to the standard rewards program, Ipsos offers a loyalty program that allows panelists to earn a specified amount of points based upon the number of surveys they complete. For example, panelists are awarded 25 points for completing 5 surveys, 50 points for completing 10 surveys, and so on. Members can reference the “Loyalty Tab” to find out how many points are awarded per completion. Panelists can also earn points by playing I-Say “Poll Predictor” game. Players guess the percentage of respondents that answered “yes” or “no” to specific survey questions and are entered into prize drawings for coming close to the actual percentage value. Members wishing to redeem points for cash can do so via PayPal credits, though at least 1,500 points must be earned in order to do so.

i-Say encourages panelists to remain active within their system. Members going on vacation or those wishing to take a break from responding to surveys have the option to temporarily suspend their account for any chosen period of time.


IPSOS keeps their large community of panelists responsive and engaged by offering excellent incentives within a social networking framework. The signup process is straightforward and fast. Once registered panelists can easily access personal account information such as completed survey history, available reward points and account status (active or on-hold). Rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards, cash or charitable redemptions. Additionally, members can earn points and incentives through participation in contests and points giveaways as well as the refer-a-friend program. The FAQs section provides answers to basic panelist questions; specific member questions are submitted via form and answered within 2 business days. Additionally, the company has an excellent privacy policy; panelists’ personal information is used only for research purposes and never shared with or sold to an outside party.


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