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Contact Info

Survey Company: My Survey

Parent Company: Lightspeed Research

Physical Address: 3 Mountain View Rd.,3rd Floor,Warren, NJ 07059-6711

Email Address:

Web URL:

Telephone: (908) 605-4500


Registration Process – 3

The registration process is a bit complex, since you cannot signup through their site only through SurveyClub. However, the registration process very fast, it should not take longer than 5 minutes to complete the form and the rationale behind why they collect certain pieces of information is well explained.

Members Area - 5
The members area is very well designed it is easy to navigate, upon login you immediately see any surveys that you are qualified to take. You do not have to search for surveys to complete. Frequently Asked Questions are easy to navigate, and contacting Mysurvey support is easy and a good experience.

Rewards – 5

There are a variety of rewards including cash, gift cards, and charitable contributions available, Redemptions are simple and begin at a low threshold of 1,000 points.

Refer a Friend – 5

The referral system allows panelists to give the name and email address of a friend, once the friend completes the registration process and their first survey the referring panelist receives 150 points.

Overall Score- 4.5

Company History

In 1937, Lightspeed Research established the first 1,000 person mail panel in the U.S. In 1970 they began conducting phone interviews and in 1996 they began online research. Currently Lightspeed has some of the largest online research panels in the industry and have a deep reach based on partnerships they are involved in. Data quality is a significant issue at Lightspeed Research. Potential panelists must go through a number of real-time verifications during the registration process before they can join a panel. The company currently maintains 18 offices worldwide in locations throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Registration Process

The registration process for My Survey is complex. Currently individuals cannot register directly from the MySurvey website. Within the FAQ’s section of this is stated within the “Joining” Currently individuals wanting to register for the program can only do so via In order to get to the MySurvey registration page, first, login to your account. On the right side of the page you will see a box containing the “The Top 25 Survey Websites” within this list you will find a link listed for “MySurvey” as one of the ranked survey websites. Once you click the link you will be taken from Survey Club to the registration form for

The registration form for is quite standard. The information they ask to collect is at a high level and the standard demographic information is requested. Additionally there are links on each of the four sections of the form that explain to the registrant we the information is being collected. The registration form takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Registrants are not required to read through the privacy policy in order to complete registration which makes the sign up process go much more quickly. The privacy policy statement can be reached by clicking in the lower right corner of the registration page. The privacy policy is very comprehensive and easy to read through within a few minutes if you choose to.

Members Area

The member’s area is very easy to navigate. Once logged in, you are within the “My Surveys” area of the site, from which you can immediately take surveys, rather than having to navigate the site to do so. There are four other tabs that members can navigate through well laid out in an easy to navigate format. From the “My Rewards” tab, members can view and redeem rewards and see the qualifying rules for reward point redemptions and sweepstakes. You can also see the names of panelists that have won a variety of contests and sweepstakes. The next tab is the “My Friends” tab which allows current panelists to refer friends and earn 150 reward points by simply submitting a friends name and email address. With that information will send an email to the friend. Your account will be credited within a few weeks of the time your friend registers and takes the initial survey which they are invited via email to take with a few days of registering. Also you will earn 150 reward points for each additional friend you refer that completes the stated process above. The site does not mention that that point however that is located within the “contest rules” section. The next section is the My Profile section that allows panelists to easily change their physical address, email address and opt-in or out of the MySurvey Advertising research program. Additionally, within “My Profile” panelists can customize the look and feel of their personal My Survey website. Panelists have the option to change colors or themes. The final tab is the “Help” tab which lays out Frequently Asked Questions, a “Contact Us” form which is designed very well and a toll free number that panelists can call from 9am to 10pm (EST) Mon-Sat (excluding major holidays) they also have postal mail address as well. They do not state a service level agreement regarding how quickly they will get back to you however they do have a toll-free number for issues that need to be expedited with very convenient contact hours.


The rewards program for is excellent. Panelists can redeem the points they have earned for survey completions to get a wide variety of items including gift cards, electronic cash (redeemed to a PayPal account) charitable contributions, Amazon E-Certificates, Facebook credits and an entire online reward zone contain a wide variety of prizes. Panelists can check their current total of reward points in the top right corner of the screen in the members area, then search for an item in the reward zone and click the redeem now button and the item in placed in a shopping cart. There are also opportunities for panelists to participate in sweepstakes however the emphasis on rewards for panelists at Mysurvey is on actual reward items from within their reward zone. The point system for redemptions through Mysurvey is also quite simple. The threshold for point redemptions is 1,000 points. Members that have below 1,000 points are considered to have no value. Members can earn points four different ways: Taking surveys, Referring friends to the panel, participating in other research opportunities offered by, participating in other activities sponsored by


Mysurvey is a very user friendly survey system with a very strong reward and easy redemption program. Mysurvey allows users to customize the user interface with different themes and backgrounds. Panelists can easily navigate the member area. Mysurvey makes it very easy to find surveys to take, upon login they allow you to see available surveys for panelists to complete. Additionally the reward system is easy to use. The points system is very intuitive and allows for redemptions beginning at 1,000 points. The Mysurvey reward zone is basically an online shopping mall the allow panelists to make redemptions for a wide variety of items or gift cards or electronic cash. Mysurvey also makes it very easy to contact them with questions, a toll-free number that has day and evening hours and is also available on Saturdays along with a contact me form or even physical postal mailing address are all options to get in touch with Mysurvey. They encourage communication with their members and their phone support is quite good. The calls are answered immediately by courteous professionals. That take the time to answer your questions thoroughly.


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